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NCAA Bracket 2012: Missouri Predicted By 7.7 Percent Of Entrants To Win Title By ESPN

In ESPN's Tournament Challenge, the stats are rolling in and the University of Kentucky is the heavy favorite for all entrants into their prediction contest for the 2012 NCAA Tournament. Yet after the big three seeds, the Missouri Tigers come in fourth and the Kansas Jayhawks come in sixth, giving the Big 12 two of the biggest favorites in the country.

Interestingly enough, Baylor even comes in 10th, which means the Big 12 has three of the top ten teams as predicted by entrants and yet none of them are a top seed in the tournament, The final No. 1 seed went to Michigan State as the Big Ten winner, although that was the most questionable among the top tier seeds overall. Here's ESPN's complete list of the top ten:

Kentucky: 32.1 percent
North Carolina: 15 percent
Syracuse: 11.2 percent
Missouri: 7.7 percent
Michigan State: 6.7 percent
Kansas: 5.8 percent
Ohio State: 4.1 percent
Duke: 3.9 percent
Florida State: 2.8 percent
Baylor: 1.5 percent