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NCAA Tournament 2012: Missouri Placed Among Top Transition Teams In College Basketball

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The West region is going to be an interesting one if only for its ability to play transition basketball. As ESPN Stats and Info notes, the Missouri Tigers are among the top seeds in the West but they're also playing with some fast company -- teams that are able to run the floor well and score before you know it.

They write, "Six of the top 12 teams in tempo (possessions per game) in the NCAA tournament are in the West Region. Brigham Young and Iona play in the first round. Seven teams that led their conference in transition points per game are in that region (Michigan State, Missouri, Marquette, Murray State, Memphis, and Iona)."

That should make for some very exciting games, specifically as those teams begin to play one another in later rounds. An early Marquette and Missouri match-up could be quite entertaining and certainly a Michigan State vs. Missouri game would as well -- although that could be said for any No. 1 vs. No. 2 seed.

The Missouri Tigers have certainly had a great season under Frank Haith in his first year and 30 wins for any power conference team coming into the tourney is a testament to their scoring ability. This is going to be a fun tournament to watch.

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