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NCAA Bracket 2012: Missouri Tigers Picked To Win West Region By Sporting News

The Michigan State Spartans are the No. 1 seed. The Missouri Tigers might be becoming the favorite. As predictions continue to roll in, the Tigers find themselves featured more and more among the favorites to make it to New Orleans for the 2012 Final Four in this year's NCAA Tournament. Mike DeCourcy is the latest and the Sporting News columnist says he favors Mizzou over the Spartans.

He writes, "Mizzou has appeared in more NCAA Tournaments without reaching the Final Four than any school, save for BYU. So it seems safe to say the Tigers are the best program never to make it. There haven’t been a lot of times when they were supposed to make it—this is the third time as a No. 2, and only in 1994 were they a No. 1—but this is an exciting, hungry team that is difficult to defend and hungry to excel. History will be made"

Frank Haith would certainly win every coach of the year award if the Tigers were to win it all and would prove the naysayers wrong, of which there were many at his hiring, myself included. Either way, Mizzou has enjoyed an incredible season and they deserve any accolades that come their way.