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NCAA Bracket 2012 Reactions: Kansas, Missouri Still In Great Shape As 2 Seeds

Big 12 heavyweights Kansas and Missouri both entered the weekend with a chance to claim a No. 1 overall seed, but for entirely different reasons, both fell short, and will compete in the regions designed to favor North Carolina and Kentucky, respectively.

With their loss to Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament semifinals, Kansas' hopes of a No. 1 seed disappeared, despite a regular season title. However, Rock Chalk Talk points out that, despite being a No. 2, the Midwest region's geography leans heavily to KU's favor in the coming games:

The good news for the Jayhawks is that they will be staying in the Midwest.

The path to the Final Four for Kansas will go through Omaha and St. Louis which means the Jayhawks won't have to travel far from home and the overall the draw is challenging but still manageable.

Rock M Nation has a podcast devoted entirely to the Tigers' fortunes on Selection Sunday. While it was a record setting swan song season in the Big 12 for Mizzou, fans are now focused on a perceived sleight in national seeding. The Tigers entered the day thought to be in contention for a No. 1 seed, but selection committee chair Jeff Hathaway pointed to the Tigers' weak opponent strength-of-schedule as the reason for rating them the lowest No. 2 seed.

Click here for a printable bracket of the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

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