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Kansas Jayhawks Forward Thomas Robinson Projects As No. 7 Pick In The 2012 NBA Draft

In a little over three months, the 2012 NBA Draft will be upon us. Mock Drafts will fly left and right, trades will be discussed frequently and young men will wear some of the nicest suits they've ever had on in their life. Yes, its time for the way too early 2012 NBA Mock Draft post, courtesy of Tom Ziller.

Thomas Robinson could be college basketball's player of the year, and his reward could be a trip across the northern border as the No. 7 pick in the draft:


Robinson, a super-athletic 6'9, 240-pound forward who can control the backboards, is the perfect complement to Andrea Bargnani. More importantly, Robinson and last year's lottery pick, Jonas Valanciunas, should form an excellent front-court duo going forward. -- Tjarks

Robinson will have plenty of opportunity to raise his draft stock in the NCAA tournament as Kansas plays the Detroit Titans in the second round. The 2012 NBA Draft will be June 28th in New York City.

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