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Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket: March Madness Begins Tuesday

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The deadline should be coming today for you to get your 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket in for your various office pools or other competitions that you have together. Perhaps you win the league trophy every year. Others of you might lose out to the girl who picks by her favorite uniform color or cutest mascot or where she'd rather live on the map. Either way, there's something about the Madness of March that brings us back every year to make the same predictions even though most of us lose.

Make sure to check out the printable bracket below to make your predictions. For those looking for tips, the link below will also take you to various predictions and analysis.

You can find the printable bracket for the 2012 NCAA Tournament right here.

Brackets on the brain? Us too! Play Yahoo! Tourney Pick’em and be a part of the craziest month of college basketball. It is fun, easy, and free.