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Filed under: Kansas Fourth In Field In After Timeout Efficiency

At the NCAA Tournament blog on, Luke Winn gathers the statistics on how efficient offensively the remaining teams are coming off a timeout.

Kansas ranks fourth in the field of 16, averaging .923 points-per-possession.

The far-and-away leader is Ohio State at 1.017 while Louisville checks in at at the bottom of the pack at 0.704. NC State, Kansas' opponent in the Sweet 16, is in the bottom quarter at .808.

As Winn points out, this statistic is important because of how end-of-game scenarios work in the NCAA Tournament, where coaches often call a time-out to create a set play.

It's a great way to minimize a talent disadvantage, as the coaching staff can exploit a match-up they think is vulnerable without needing to count on the players on the floor to recognize it.

And if the NC State game is as close as the Purdue one, there's a very good chance the Jayhawks season will come down to how Bill Self and Mark Gottlieb diagram plays in their respective huddles.