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VIDEO: March Madness Predictions For Kansas-NC State

The Kansas Jayhawks are expected to win big against the N.C. State Wolfpack on Friday night, as the guys at SB Nation studios discussed in the preview of Friday night match-ups.

Dan Rubenstein picked the Jayhawks to win big, but also noted that Kansas can be a bit unpredictable and lose games they should presumably dominate.

"Kansas is talented," Rubenstein said. "i really like Tyshawn Taylor. I really Thomas Robinson as should everybody because they are ridiculous at the game of basketball ...

"I do like Kansas to win big here but it can never surprise me. Kansas loses when they are supposed to win."

Matt Ufford didn't make a pick in the Kansas vs. N.C. State game, but he did note that the Jayhawks have a pretty good coach in Bill Self. Pretty good, for sure.

Check out the video right here.

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