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Roy Williams Not Interested In Annual UNC-Kansas Series

Roy Williams isn't interested in a potential home-and-home series between his North Carolina Tar Heels and his former Kansas Jayhawks. Williams says that a trip into Allen Fieldhouse as an opposing coach would be too much emotionally.

"I don't want to go in there as the coach of the opposing team."

Williams cites the number of fond memories he has as the coach of Kansas and doesn't want anything to spoil them. Current Kansas coach Bill Self on the other hand wouldn't mind to see his Jayhawks and the Tar Heels get together more often.

"I understand why we don't, if we don't. But I certainly think that it would be a great, great series,'' Self said. "... Certainly neither place has a hard time selling out, but we could certainly raise the price of season tickets a couple bucks."

No doubt given the history of the two programs and that of Williams, a potential Kansas-North Carolina matchup in the regular season would become one of the most sought after tickets on either team's regular season slate.

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