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2012 Final Four: Dick Vitale Picks Ohio State Over Kansas

Dick Vitale, affectionately known as Dickie V, is perhaps the most iconic announcer in college athletics, and it's no surprise that he's come out on ESPN to make his Final Four selections for this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately for Kansas fans, he doesn't have the Jayhawks going any farther than what they already have, hitting the wall known as Jared Sulllinger and the rest of the Ohio State Buckeyes roster.

Ohio State is certainly going to be one of the best opponents that Kansas has played all season, and they could be a real contender for the crown, but Kansas has been taken a bit lightly since the very beginning of the season when preseason rankings had the team in a possible rebuilding year and surrendering their streak of Big 12 conference titles to Baylor. Instead, Bill Self and company enjoyed their eighth straight regular season season title.

For the other half, Vitale picks Kentucky to beat Lousville. Check the video below for the complete breakdown: