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2012 NCAA Final Four: SB Nation's Kansas Vs. Ohio State Analysis

SB Nation's college sports numbers wizard Bill C. has a very, very intricate breakdown of what to expect from the Jayhawks against Ohio State this Saturday night. With an intricate look at all phases of the match-up between Ohio State and Kansas, Bill C.'s analysis is guaranteed to educate even the most hardcore Jayhawk.

On KU's strengths:

Thanks mostly to Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey, Kansas ranks 13th in Off. 2PT%. Plus, they rank well in just about every defensive category not named "Def. 3PT%." They hold opponents to the lowest 2PT% in the country, and they rank ninth in Block Rate. They are also quite experienced, with juniors and seniors playing 93 percent of their primary rotation minutes.

And their weaknesses:

This Kansas team does have more weaknesses than recent squads, particularly on the offensive end. They have players who can get hot from 3-point range -- Tyshawn Taylor, Conner Teahan, Elijah Johnson -- but they rank just 152nd overall in the category because none of those players have consistently found paydirt. Meanwhile, their guards aren't actually very good at free throws (Taylor and Johnson have combined to make just 68 percent of their freebies), leading to a FT% ranking of just 176th. And while it has improved, their ball-handling has left something to be desired.

His final prediction? Click here for the full breakdown.

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