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2012 NCAA Final Four: Did Bill Self Coach Up A Team With Lower Expectations?

This wasn't necessarily supposed to be a Final Four team, or at least that wasn't the initial expectation was for the Kansas Jayhawks coming into the 2011-12 season.

The Jayhawks didn't have any superstars in the beginning, before Thomas Robinson exploded on to the scene and became the first unanimous Associated Press All-American pick since Blake Griffin in 2009. Tyshawn Taylor, though having his struggles, is also a standout performer.

So, is Bill Self the reason for this Jayhawks squad going far above and beyond the realm of expectations this season and making it all the way to the Final Four?

Dennis Dodd of caught up with Self on Thursday to ask him how he did it.

"Taking a team with lower expectations and performing pretty well gives the appearance you're doing a better job coaching," Self said.

But then again, maybe he is. Usually, the Kansas teams that make these deep runs in the NCAA tournament are loaded with NBA talent, or at least perceived NBA talent. Not so much here.

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