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VIDEO: SB Nation Predicts Ohio State Over Kansas

When the Kansas Jayhawks and Ohio St. Buckeyes played earlier this season Kansas won by 11 points, but Ohio State was without their star player Jared Sullinger. This time around the game will likely be different with Sullinger in the lineup.

SB Naton's Bill Connelly discusses this matchup in great depth. He goes on to discuss how having Ohio State getting Sullinger will be very key since when the two teams played last time Ohio State was able to force turnovers and they were able to shoot the ball well the first time around.

As for Kansas Connelly talks about how they do not win pretty and that Kansas struggles at the free throw line and three-point shooting. Plus, they are not the best at controlling the ball or forcing turnovers.

In the end Connelly predicts Ohio State to win in a close game.

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