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Gary Pinkel Says Missouri Tigers 'Should Play Every Year In Kansas City'

In a radio interview with 610 AM Sports Radio in Kansas City on Wednesday, Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel said that Missouri and Kansas should continue to play every year in football and that the game should be played in Kansas City.

Pinkel praised the job that new head basketball coach Frank Haith has done with the Tigers this season, leading them to a 27-4 overall record, a 14-4 mark against Big 12 opponents and a second-place finish behind league-champion Kansas in the regular season.

It didn't take long, though, for the conversation to gravitate to football and the inevitable question about whether Kansas and Missouri would restart the Border Showdown in football at some future point.

"You know we're going to play again," Pinkel told 610 radio host Bob Fescoe. "We need to play every game in Kansas City. Every year we should play the first or second week in September. It would be awesome. Basketball should do the same thing."

You all know that's going to happen," he said. We're going to make too much money doing it. And the fans want it to happen."

Asked if he had any regrets about leaving the Big 12 for the Southeastern Conference, Pinkel said" "I wish the Big 12 luck. I'd never wish Kansas luck," he quipped. "I can't do that. That's against my principles, but I certainly hope the Big 12 does really, really well."-