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Iowa State Vs. Texas Score Update: Cyclones Up 28-25 At The Half

In the final game of the first round of the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City, Iowa State and Texas have struggled offensively, with the Cyclones up 28-25 at the end of the first half.

The 19-12 Longhorns, who are playing for a chance to move themselves off the NCAA Tournament bubble, have been unable to create consistent offense in the half-court. With no scoring from their front-court and the Iowa State guards hounding them on the perimeter, Texas has shot only 26% from the floor in the first-half.

However, the Longhorns have been unable to stay in the game thanks to a strong effort on the other side of the floor. Despite losing Alexis Wangmene, their best front-court defender, earlier in the week to a wrist injury, they've been able to keep Iowa Star PF Royce White mostly in check, holding him to 6 points in the first 20 minutes.

With both teams struggling to create offense in the half-court, the one who can consistently get easier points in either the open court or on the free-throw line could have the edge in the second half.