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Final Four 2012: Bill Self Won't Let Kansas Players Explore New Orleans

It's an understandable move for a coach that must keep his players focused on doing what they came to New Orleans to do: win a national championship. Still the hoopla of a city known as the Big Easy is a siren song for so many year-round, and for basketball heroes and college kids like the KU Jayhawks, the temptation of the city might become alluring. That's why head coach Bill Self said he's keeping a tight leash on his Kansas team.

"I told them Bourbon Street was in the locker room tonight," Self said after the game. "That's as close as they're going to get to it. ... Guys will go straight to their room. We don't even let them go to the lobby. Unless they got some sheets they can tie together and drop them from the 14th floor, they're not going anywhere tonight."

Kansas faces Kentucky on Monday night for the national championship after taking out Ohio State in last night's national semi-final.

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