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Kentucky Vs. Kansas: The Jayhawks Discuss The Rematch With The Wildcats

The Kentucky Wildcats beat the Kansas Jayhawks 75-65 back on November 15th in New York’s Madison Square Garden. The national championship will be the rematch of this November matchup and things have changed greatly in four and a half months. These two teams have grown before our very eyes and now on the precipice of the final game of this college basketball season, its time to lay everything on the line.

The Boston Herald was able to capture some interesting quotes from some of the Kansas players and head coach Bill Self prior to Monday's finale. Check out the full read for more in-depth analysis.

KU's superstar guard Tyshawn Taylor on the rematch with Kentucky and KU's focus on stopping transition:

"I think we match up good (against UK), the three guards and the two bigs match up really well. I think they’re a little deeper ... and they can pull some guys in. But I think we match up well and I think it’s going to be fun. I think we’ve got to stop their transition, and we’ve got to use our transition. I think in the first game we got away from that when we played them. But our transition has been good. And as far as defending, that’s what got us here."

KU reserve guard Niko Roberts on how things have changed after seeing Kentucky for the first time:

"I think when we played them the first time, they didn’t really shock us, but they just played really well. Nobody had really seen how Kentucky plays. I think we’ve gotten a lot better. So I think, next game, we’ll be a lot better. ... We’ve got Jeff (Withey) down low, so we’ve got some size to combat their size and stuff like that, and I think we’ll do well."

KU head coach Bill Self on the historical implications of Kentucky versus Kansas:

"It’s pretty cool to have the winningest program of all time (Kentucky) and the second-winningest program of all time (Kansas) hooking up on Monday night."

The Kentucky-Kansas finale tips off at 8:23 pm Central Time in New Orleans at the Superdome.

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