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VIDEO: SB Nation's Nick Fasulo Talks About Kansas' Win Over Ohio State

Before we completely move onto talking about the championship game between the Kansas Jayhawks and Kentucky Wildcats, here is one last look at Kansas' 64-62 win over the Ohio St. Buckeyes.

Nick Fasulo of Searching for Billy Edelin talks about Kansas' win over Ohio State. The first words our of Fasulo's mouth is how he wonders if the game was a choke job by Ohio State or a great comeback by Kansas. He admits Ohio State has more talent but they did not play as hard as Kansas.

He also talks about the final moments of the game where Aaron Craft intentionally missed the second free throw when down two points for Ohio State, but the main point Fasulo makes is that there is no reason to complain to the referees about that call when there is less than three seconds left in the game.

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