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Danny Manning Praised For Impact, Character By Tulsa Athletic Director Ross Parmley

It’s par for the course for an athletic director to praise his own hires. After all, he or she is one responsible for bringing in that particular coach. But Kansas fans will be nodding along when they hear what Tulsa AD Ross Parmley said about their new men’s basketball coach Danny Manning as the university announced the hiring.

“We are extremely excited to have Danny join The University of Tulsa as our new Head Basketball Coach. He epitomizes everything our university stands for. His impact on young people will extend far beyond the TU basketball program and reach well into our campus and community,” said Parmley.

“His 15 years in the NBA combined with the last nine years under one of the best coaches in the country, have helped mold him into a great teacher and coach of basketball. He most definitely brings the excitement, the style of basketball, and character that we were looking for in our head coach.”

Manning has been lauded for his impact on Kansas big men in particular, helping to mold Thomas Robinson this season and Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris last year, among several others in recent KU history. He should make an even bigger mark on and off the court at Tulsa.