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Kansas Football Offseason: Pair Of Defenders Dismissed Following Charges

Add two more names to the list of players that will not be around for Charlie Weis' first regular season on the job as the head coach of Kansas football: Gregory Collin Garrett and Chris Robinson, who were both dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules.

The two are accused of being involved in a physical incident with employees at The Hawk, 1340 Ohio and subsequently running from police officers early on Saturday morning.

The incident reportedly stemmed from Garrett's refusal to stop smoking inside the venue, which led to the confrontation and ultimately resulted in both he and an employee of the establishment suffering facial lacerations.

After being kicked out of the bar, both Garrett and Robinson had another altercation with employees. They each attempted to flea the area when police were called.

Garrett, 19, was to be a sophomore linebacker next season, while the 20-year old Robinson would have been a redshirt freshman defensive back.

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