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Thomas Robinson To NBA Draft: Chad Ford Projects Kansas Forward From No. 2 To 5

Thomas Robinson has been rumored to leave for the NBA for a while now and even his head coach, Bill Self at Kansas, has been openly saying so. Thus, the press conference scheduled today is a bit anti-climactic concerning Robinson’s intention (surprise withstanding). Robinson has elevated his game in every way at Kansas, and just led the team to the national title game against Kentucky in a season where he was a unanimous All-American choice. What more is there to do?

Today at 11:30am CT, Robinson is expected to declare his intention to leave Kansas for the NBA at a special press conference. The move is a good one for NBA teams as well, according to ESPN’s Chad Ford. He believes Robinson will be chosen at the very top of the draft order — from No. 2 to 5.

He writes, “Many scouts believe Robinson is one of the most NBA-eady players in the draft. What Robinson should provide, right away, is athleticism, toughness, an NBA-ready body and a motor that won’t quit on both ends of the floor. He’s been a monster rebounder for KU and is aggressive looking for his shot around the rim.”

Ford acknowledges that his size could be problematic. While Robinson is listed at 6-9 or 6-10 by most, Ford says scouts typically believe Robinson could be two inches shorter than that. However, his game still translates well to the pro level all the same.

Expect pre-draft workouts to bring up some negatives and move Robinson around. The annual influx of Euro player projections will also mess with Robinson’s draft stock. Jan Vesely, anyone? But in the end, some team near the top of the lottery will sign Robinson’s name and set his pro career in motion. That journey begins today.

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