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Charlie Weis Praises Dayne Crist After Kansas Spring Football Game

While the Kansas Jayhawks are going to need an influx of talent at every position and several holes remain, especially along the defensive line, the most important position on the field could be in the best shape it's been in years. That's because new head coach Charlie Weis brought with him a couple of transfers who impressed in the recent KU spring football game.

Weis had kind words for Dayne Crist after the game and spoke confidently of a kid he knows quite well.

"Well, he could make every throw," said Weis in his recent press conference. "He didn't look too rusty to me. He completed 11 of 19, but we had three dropped balls and a couple that in a game would have been called pass interference. They go down as incompletions now, but I thought he slung it around pretty good. He knows the offense, he knows how to run the operation, he can get us out of trouble when it's a bad call. I was generally pleased."

In his last full season at Notre Dame, Crist passed for 15 touchdowns and 7 interceptions to go with 2,033 passing yards.

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