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Justin McCay Appeal: Charlie Weis Calls Situation 'The Never-Ending Saga'

The good news is that Justin McCay has finally been given a date which he can expect a final decision. The bad news is that it's still not going to happen until May 2. That's the date that Charlie Weis says McCay will finally find out whether or not he will be eligible to play for the Kansas Jayhawks after appealing the initial ruling that left him without the necessary hardship waiver.

"The never-ending saga," Weis said. "But they told us by May 2. Just like I said last time, as soon as I hear something, he'll know about it first, and then I'll get it out there as quickly as I can."

McCay would add another impact transfer for KU in a season where they could desperately use him. The former Oklahoma Sooner wide receiver could seriously stretch the field for Weis' new pro-style offense under Dayne Crist. Adding a veteran wideout to team with the veteran quarterback could pay immediate dividends rather than waiting on freshmen to learn a system and adjust to the collegiate level.