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Charlie Weis Overhauls Pretty Much Every Aspect Of Kansas Football In First Offseason

Charlie Weis has already brought a significant amount of hope to the Kansas football program with his impressive resume and track record, recent years notwithstanding. But it wasn't enough to simply add the right coaches. Thus Weis has also been busy bringing in new transfer students, allowing others to leave and changing the culture all around. Whether or not it will work remains to be seen, but Kansas is definitely going to have a different look and feel this offseason. That's the point.

While it's easy to debate whether or not former Jayhawks football coach Turner Gill was treated fairly in his dismissal, it has to be acknowledged that the Jayhawks simply did not win in his tenure. It might have come in time, but KU made the move it did because of the failures so far. Weis will have a lot of pressure on him to turn that around, but he took the job knowing that.

"Kansas has undergone the biggest change of any team in the Big 12 this offseason," writes David Ubben. "New coach Weis saw a lot of problems at KU, and went about fixing them quickly. He welcomed six Division I transfers, including three from Notre Dame, which included his new quarterback, Crist. He also saw gaping holes along the defensive line and tried to fill them with junior college players and high schoolers who will be challenging for playing time in the fall. Kansas will look a lot different, but will it be better?"

That last question is the only one that can be answered on the field. At the very least, if KU stays the same, it won't be for lack of trying.