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PHOTO: Kansas And Missouri's Rivalry To Live On... On A License Plate?

There's no specific plan in place to keep the rivalry between Missouri and Kansas alive after the Tigers leave for the SEC in two more months, but that's not going to cool the hatred between the two schools' fans - and the states themselves - in the interim.


Case in point: license plates. A KU alumni group in Missouri is collecting the needed signatures (they're needed, legally) and lobbying Mizzou state reps who are politically ambivalent the nasty rivalry. Don't be shocked, in politics there's someone playing every side. Observe:

Enter Missouri Rep. Charlie Denison, a Republican from Springfield. After a KU alumnus approached him with the idea for the plate, Denison had no qualms about signing on.

"I have sponsored several different plates that wouldn’t necessarily have to do with the University of Missouri," said Denison, who is the chairman of the legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation.

Denison said he was unaffiliated in the historic rivalry between the Jayhawks and the Tigers. He earned a scholarship out of high school to attend Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

"If I could get a license plate from there, I probably would, but I probably would have to pay for the whole thing myself," Denison said.

Yikes... if we were Denison, we'd be a hell of lot more worried about gerrymandering the black and gold constituency out of district before the next election cycle.

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