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Kansas Spring Football: James Sims Gets Diversion Agreement For DUI

Kansas Jayhawks running back James Sims was arrested in April for driving under the influence. Now it appears as though the penalty will not be overly harsh for the 20-year-old.

Andy Hyland of reports that Sims will be getting a diversion agreement for the DUI charge.

James D. Sims, 20, entered into the agreement on May 9, according to a Lawrence Municipal Court clerk. As part of the one-year diversion agreement, Sims agreed to pay $1,060 in fines and costs, not to violate any laws for the duration of the agreement and not to consume alcohol.

Following an alcohol counseling session, Sims must abide by whatever recommendation may be given to him. Sims will still serve a three-game suspension to start the 2012 season. He was given the suspension by the school shortly after his arrest last month. The Jayhawks will hope Sims can get all this sorted out and return as a starter.

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