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Charlie Weis Responds To John Harbaugh's Comments About Spygate

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis responds to John Harbaugh's comments about Spygate.

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Earlier this week, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh commented that he felt the New England Patriots' Super Bowl Championships from the early 2000s had asterisks on them and were stained due to the Spygate scandal in which the team was caught videotaping their opponents' sideline hand signals.

On Friday, Kansas University head football coach and former Patriots' coach, Charlie Weis responded to Harbaugh's comments. Via

"That’s really, that’s a joke. Not even worth commenting on. It’s a joke. When people win championships, people win championships. Every time somebody wins they are looking for a reason why the team won. We won because we were the best team in those years. We might not have had the best players but we always had the best team, including 2001 when we beat the Rams when we weren’t supposed to have a chance."

Weis was the offensive coordinator of the Patriots from 2000-04 and would have directly benefited from having the defensive hand signals, if there was any benefit to having such a thing.

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