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2012 NBA Mock Draft: SB Nation Has Thomas Robinson In Washington

Anthony Davis and Thomas Robinson finished first and second in both the postseason and many player of the year awards, and in SB Nation's latest mock draft, they will once again be first and second.

Tom Ziller has Robinson going to the Washington Wizards, where he could be an instant leader for a team that needs one desperately.

A franchise that so believed in its ability to morph men it gave Gilbert Arenas a near-max after an ACL tear, extended Andray Blatche before he hit the market and hung with JaVale McGee for more than three years has changed so much that there's no chance it touches Andre Drummond with a fishing pole. Robinson's heart and work ethic will make some GM overlook his size and potential to be great in any one area.

With Davis a near lock to go at No. 1, most of the intrigue will be around the second pick, which if the lottery goes to form, will be held by Washington.

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