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NBA Draft 2012: Washington Wizards Working Out Thomas Robinson On Wednesday

The days leading up to the 2012 NBA Draft are going to be quite busy for hopefuls trying to positively adjust their position in the draft. After all, opportunity and money are at stake for so many, and their dreams will come true (or not) in just over two weeks. Thomas Robinson is now making the rounds with individual teams after his measurements came back impressive from the NBA Draft Combine.

Chad Ford has word that Robinson is working out for the Charlotte Bobcats and Washington Wizards this week, and those are currently his only scheduled times. Other teams should come calling soon enough, but the Bobcats hold the No. 2 spot in the draft. With the Hornets focused on Anthony Davis at the top of the draft order, Robinson’s highest position is likely No. 2 and he could fall a few spots depending on what the Bobcats do with the pick.

The Wizards hold the No. 3 selection in the draft, so it’s clear that the teams at the top are potentially targeting Robinson. The Cavs and Kings are up next in the draft order, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Robinson headed to both Cleveland and Sacramento in the next week.

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