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Ex-Nebraska Coach To Join Bill Self's Staff

While former Nebraska basketball coach Doc Sadler never had much talent in his days at Lincoln, the Cornhuskers were always a frisky opponent in Big 12 play in his tenure.

But despite going 101-89 in his six seasons at Nebraska, Sadler was let go as a part of the school's effort to make a splash in the Big Ten. Now, according to a report from, Sadler will join Bill Self's staff at Kansas as the Director of Basketball Operations.

Sadler, a long-time friend of Self, will be replacing Bill Hinson, who is leaving to become the head coach at Southern Illinois University.

The biggest adjustment for Sadler, who has an excellent reputation as an in-game strategist, will come off the court, as he'll be dealing with a whole different caliber of recruit in Lawrence.

The head coach at Nebraska doesn't need to deal with the politics of recruiting and AAU basketball, but the Director of Basketball Operations at Kansas certainly does.