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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Jeff Taylor To Oklahoma City Thunder In Chad Ford's Latest

The Oklahoma City Thunder have very few weaknesses, as exhibited by their current one game lead in the NBA Finals. They’re already among the very best in basketball and perhaps they will stand above all in the end. But every team ages, gains and loses players in the course of an offseason, so the Thunder will have the chance to go shopping like everyone else in the 2012 NBA Draft.

ESPN’s Chad Ford has the team taking Vanderbilt’s Jeff Taylor in the first round of his latest mock draft, and the pick would add a valuable rotation player.

Ford writes, “An elite athlete, Taylor can be a lockdown defender and has range on his jumper. He’s probably undervalued at this point, but that happens to seniors. The Thunder will capitalize.”

The Thunder own the No. 28 pick in the first round, but it wouldn’t surprise to see the team move around in the draft if the front office likes a particular player. It’s also surprising that Ford doesn’t have the team going international, since the lower first round is a great spot to grab a future European asset like the San Antonio Spurs have done for years.