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Kansas Jayhawks News: Former Football Player Moran Norris Signs With Texans

Former University of Kansas Jayhawk football player Moran Norris has signed a one year deal to play for the Houston Texans. This marks the second time in his professional football career that Norris has left a team only to come back and play for them.

Norris has played the last two seasons for the San Francisco 49ers after playing in the Bay Area for a year previously in 2006-2007. Norris previously played for the Texans for three years from 2002-2005. The move is an important one for Houston as they try and find blocking help for their star running back

ProFootballTalk has more:

The only other fullbacks on the roster are unproven rookies Jason Ford and Derrell Smith, so Norris' experience could come in handy as they look for a player who will hope clear the path for Arian Foster this season.

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