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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson Settling In At No. 2 Slot

Thomas Robinson has publicly declared that he believes he is the best overall player in the nation coming into the NBA in 2012 and that he should be the first overall selection over Anthony Davis. Others have debated in recent weeks whether or not he should even be the second or third choice as others like Bradley Beal or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist entered the picture. Now it seems his stock is finally settling.

The latest mock draft from Hoopsworld is in with a consensus from all four of their experts and Robinson is the No. 2 choice overall in each one to the Charlotte Bobcats. While it’s not the top of the ladder where Robinson wants to be, it’s a sweet spot for a Kansas big man to be selected so high. The Bobcats need a strong, dependable frontcourt presence and Robinson will give them just that.

There’s still plenty of time for things to waver and workouts will still influence the draft, but it seems as if Robinson is settling at the right time for a nice payday and draft slot.

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