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NBA Draft 2012: Brooklyn Nets Hoping To Trade Into First Round, OKC Thunder Potential Partner

The Brooklyn Nets are the new slick property when it comes to NBA branding with the move to Brooklyn from New Jersey, the team's ownership with Jay-Z in tow and the new logo and look. But the roster needs a makeover to a much greater degree and it seems the Nets are trying to do just that with the 2012 NBA Draft right around the corner.

Sports Illustrated notes that the Oklahoma City Thunder are one possible trade partner with the Nets if the price was right. The team has the No. 28 choice in the draft and could try to move out of that spot if the rumors are correct. The report also brings up the Charlotte Bobcats at No. 2 as a possibility, but that's such a high choice that it's hard to see what Brooklyn could offer to move up without a first to swap as well.

The Thunder could definitely stand to part with the pick if it earns them a first rounder in the future or other such assets. The team is well-constructed for the next year or so and if Sam Presti thinks there's better value in the future, then he'd be wise to take that ticket.