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NBA Draft Rumors: Bobcats Could Take Harrison Barnes Over Thomas Robinson

Thomas Robinson has been landing the No. 2 spot in most mocks of the 2012 NBA Draft, but the Kansas forward might be in jeopardy of falling a bit farther down the lottery. The latest rumor coming out of the Charlotte Bobcats camp has a local product as a possibility over Robinson.

This wouldn't be the first odd decision that Michael Jordan and his team have made, even in recent days. The brand new hire of Mike Dunlap as head coach out of nowhere sent multiple media outlets reeling, wondering where the St. John's assistant came from.

Barnes did impress recently at the NBA Draft Combine and put together a workout that displayed a heightened athleticism and agility above everyone else in this draft class. Of course, whether those skills can translate to the pro game is another question entirely, but perhaps that's what is drawing the Bobcats' attention.