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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford Has Thomas Robinson To Charlotte Bobcats

The latest mock draft from ESPN’s Chad Ford is out for the 2012 NBA Draft, and Thomas Robinson maintains his position at No. 2 overall despite recent rumors that the Charlotte Bobcats are looking to trade down or that they might take Harrison Barnes of North Carolina. Ford simply doesn’t believe any of the current talk and says that Robinson is too good not to go.

The Bobcats continue to talk with teams about trading the No. 2 pick. But if they keep it, most of the signals coming out of the organization point to Robinson being the man. He is a super athletic, physical 4 who should be an instant upgrade over Tyrus Thomas and D.J. White.

I’m hearing Harrison Barnes may be in second place on their wish list right now. Apparently, MJ is a fan. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal are in the mix, too, though I’m told MKG didn’t blow anyone away in his workout for the Bobcats on Monday and also hurt his back a little.

Thus things are still very tenuous for Robinson’s fans who believe he should be taken that high. Given that many teams could use the guards present in the draft, Robinson could conceivably fall a few spots to the Kings at No. 5 if the Bobcats don’t take him. Bradley Beal and MKG warrant consideration as high as Robinson is hearing.

Robinson took the Kansas Jayhawks to the NCAA title game last year averaging nearly 18 points and 12 rebounds per game.