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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Oklahoma City Thunder Take Evan Fournier In Chad Ford's Latest

In his latest mock draft, Chad Ford has the Oklahoma City Thunder looking toward international territory in the 2012 NBA Draft for their first round choice at No. 28. Instead of selections from past mocks like Jeff Taylor of Vanderbilt or Draymond Green of Michigan State, Ford has the Thunder taking Evan Fournier.

Ford writes, “Fournier is the type of player that the Thunder can easily stash for a year or two in Europe. Or, given the high level he has played at in France, he might be able to come in and get minutes for them right away — especially if the Thunder decide they can’t afford to re-sign James Harden this summer.”

While the NBA Draft is typically loaded with international players, many NBA analysts are speculating that not a single foreign player could go in the first round this year. It’s a loaded college crop coming into the league plus a soft international market as well. That makes the timing right for a player like Fournier to stand out in a limited market.

The Thunder are also among the teams reportedly considering trading their choice. Thus any speculation at this point is really just for the sake of conversation.