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2012 NBA Draft: Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson Top Another Mock

One of the better mock experts out there for the 2012 NBA Draft is CBS Sports Matt Moore, and his latest mock one week before the draft takes place has Thomas Robinson continuing to hold the No. 2 spot in the draft with the Charlotte Bobcats. Other names have recently been discussed, but Robinson is his favorite.

Moore writes, "Bradley Beal is a better option here for the Cats, but a lot of indications point to Robinson being the hottest mark at this point, along with Harrison Barnes. Robinson's a can't miss pick, even if he doesn't ever make an All-Star team. It's a way for the Bobcats to get a foundation in place."

That's exactly what the Bobcats need. The team lacks any real foundational players who could anchor the rebuilding effort that seems like it's starting over again every year. Instead of reaching for raw potential that may never be realized (i.e. last year's Bismack Biyombo) or a free agent reach as well (i.e. Tyrus Thomas), Robinson would give the team the sure-thing for a big man they've needed for years.

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