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2012 NBA Draft: Michael Jordan, Bobcats Working Out Harrison Barnes

The Charlotte Bobcats are a total mess. Not only do they have the league's worst record, but it's hard to point to any single player on their roster and say, "Well, at least they are developing this guy." Instead, the team just hired a brand new head coach in Mike Dunlap, hold the No. 2 choice in the 2012 NBA Draft and are basically starting from scratch. With that choice, there's an interesting debate developing that includes Thomas Robinson at one end and now Harrison Barnes at the other.

The Bobcats are enamored with Barnes for some reason, although he was definitely projected as a lottery choice by nearly every NBA analyst. Barnes also leaped up draft boards with a workout at the recent Combine that showcased an athleticism better than everyone else in the building. That's likely when Michael Jordan fell in love.

However, Robinson is regarded as the safer pick and for a team in need of stable players to count on next season and beyond, it's hard to beat the Kansas forward.

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