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NBA Draft 2012: Thomas Robinson Demands Competitions At Team Workouts Rather Than Solo Showcases

Andre Drummond, the UConn center expected to be taken near the top of the 2012 NBA Draft, didn’t expect to have a partner to work out with. But Thomas Robinson insisted. After other workouts of showing off his skills by himself in front of a team’s brass and scouts, Robinson decided that his game was best suited against someone else in workouts. Therefore, he demanded the competition.

Drummond recently agreed in a workout with the Washington Wizards, according to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated, and both players went against each other instead of having their own private time with the team. It was exactly how Robinson wanted things to go.

“We’ve been going (in this draft process) for a long while, just practicing and not being in a game atmosphere,” he said. "I want to go out there and compete, to get that game feeling. You don’t get that just playing [in an individual workout]. It’s even worse because it’s not like you’re training for college and you’re going back to a place you know. With training, you don’t’ know where you’re going to go.

“I think [competitiveness] is something I’ve always had, just wanting to make it more fun,” Robinson said. “I think the game is much better if you’re competing anyway. I mean what are you playing for? I don’t get people who just go out there and just play. You want to go beat somebody else or take down somebody. That’s the whole point of playing. That’s my mentality.”

The NBA Draft begins next Thursday, June 28.

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