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NBA Mock Draft: Thomas Robinson Could Team With DeMarcus Cousins With Sacramento Kings

The 2012 NBA Draft is only five days away and that means that mock drafts will fly out left and right. CBS Sports’ Martin Summers weighed in today with one that pits Thomas Robinson in a near-worst case scenario: dropping to fifth overall in the first round to the Sacramento Kings.

While the Kings would offer a great tandem partner with DeMarcus Cousins underneath, Robinson has been often held as high as No. 2 in most mock drafts. The Kings are likely the floor for Robinson concerning the Kansas’ forward’s draft stock.

Summers writes, “His ceiling may be low, but his mix of quickness and strength will allow him to be a solid player. His shooting range will determine how good he can be.”

Depending on how good his personal workouts go with the teams in the No. 2 to 5 range, Robinson could go anywhere in that span. He’ll find out soon enough as the draft takes place on Thursday, June 28.

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