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NBA Mock Draft: Bobcats-Cavaliers Trade Rumors Will Affect Thomas Robinson's Stock

The latest mock draft from Chad Ford leading up to Thursday night’s NBA Draft is out at ESPN, and Thomas Robinson is still at the No. 2 spot — for now. Instead, it seems as if Charlotte could legitimately move the choice, which means that Robinson’s draft position could tumble. For now, it might be the Cleveland Cavaliers trading up, which means Robinson likely falls to the Washington Wizards at No. 3 or even lower.

"The most likely scenario has the Bobcats swapping the No. 2 pick with Cleveland for the No. 4 pick and either pick No. 24 or picks Nos. 33 and 34," says Ford. "Obviously the Bobcats would prefer the 24th pick, but the Cavs would prefer to hold on to it. While the Cavs aren’t the only team that’s in play for the pick, they have the most realistic scenario right now and would likely take Bradley Beal at No. 2. But if the Bobcats keep the pick, it sounds like Robinson has a slight edge here."

Robinson would add the instant impact player in the Bobcats frontcourt, but it’s not difficult to see why they’d move the pick to add another potential top 25 choice in deep draft. The roster is largely devoid of talent and they have to add a significant number of impact players. Keeping a top four pick would allow them to do so.

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