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2012 NBA Draft: Bobcats-Cavaliers Trade Rumors Affect Everyone Else

The Charlotte Bobcats are now making no secret of it at all — even to the NBA press and fans. They want to trade the No. 2 selection in the 2012 NBA Draft. After watching the workouts of possible choices like Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson, Harrison Barnes and others, the Bobcats have decided to add quantity instead as their focus as they look to drop a few spots and pick up an extra pick.

While rumors of a Bobcats trade have been circulating for a while, the team has now officially made a statement confirming that very idea. The team’s new head coach Mike Dunlap confirmed as much yesterday.

"I think anybody in our situation would have that on the board," Dunlap said. "(Our) people are very smart up top. So options and thinking of your variables is a very smart thing to do."

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the likely team to step in for the choice to grab a backcourt partner for Kyrie Irving. Bradley Beal is the suspect and the Washington Wizards have been working Beal out as well. It might be a fight for the chance to grab him.

From there, that means that Thomas Robinson, a player that many mock drafts have going second overall, could fall for a bit. The Wizards just traded for two more big men in the recent deal that brought over Emeka Okafor from the New Orleans Hornets. The Bobcats could then grab Robinson at No. 4 if they wanted or go with Barnes, who Michael Jordan reportedly wants.

There are other teams who could surprise and move up for the second overall choice in the draft, and that’s what makes Thursday night so interesting. While Anthony Davis as the No. 1 overall selection is a done deal, the rest of the draft is a complete mystery. The Bobcats will tell the story that will affect everyone else.

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