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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Kim English To Charlotte Bobcats In Second Round

The latest mock draft from Chad Ford is out at ESPN with an entire batch of second round projections as well. That means that we finally get to see where fringe prospects might fall, and the news is very good for Missouri fans. Kim English is the first prospect taken by Ford after the first round is over, heading to the Charlotte Bobcats in the process.

Ford writes, "If the Bobcats go big with their first pick, don’t be surprised if they go with a shooter at No. 31. English’s stock has risen through the roof the last month as he has wowed teams with his shooting ability in workouts. He’s now getting serious consideration in the late first round. I don’t think he slides out of the 30s on draft night."

This is a major leap forward for English, who hasn’t really been considered to be on the first-round bubble alongside several other prospects. Yet the best time to get hot is the week of the NBA Draft and English picked the right time to star in his workouts.

English averaged 14.9 points per game last year for the Missouri Tigers.