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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Kansas Players Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor Will Draw Plenty Of Attention

There are plenty of area players that will be entering the 2012 NBA Draft. The strong Kansas Jayhawks team is getting plenty of looks and two of their players figure to be selected fairly early on.

The latest mock draft at DraftExpress suggests that Kansas Jayhawks power forward Thomas Robinson will go to the Charlotte Bobcats with the No. 2 overall selection, behind only Anthony Davis in this year's class. DraftExpress has this to say about Robinson:

While Robinson's ability to affect a game with his energy and rebounding likely won't be in question by NBA scouts, his upside as an NBA player will likely depend on how he improves his skill level on the offensive end. What he's shown this season, though, as the leading scorer and focal point for one of the nation's top teams, is certainly encouraging.

The second area player likely to be drafted is Kansas point guard Tyshawn Taylor, whom DraftExpress predicts will find up being selected in the second round, likely going to the Golden State Warriors as the No. 35 overall pick. Here is the DraftExpress take on Taylor:

The strides he's made this season may have him headed in the right direction, but he still has a glaring weakness, with his poor decision-making skills. Taylor is still coughing the ball up as much as ever, with a turnover on a quarter of his possessions so far this season. While there are other high profile point guards turning the ball over at a higher rate, Taylor's heavy usage puts him in the spotlight, as does the fact that he's had some of his high turnover games against good teams, such as 11 in the Duke game, 7 against Ohio State, and 8 in a rivalry game against Kansas State.

NBA teams may have concerns regarding whether he'll ever be able to run a team as a point guard and play efficient basketball, as he hasn't seemed to improve in that area much at all over the course of his time at Kansas.

We will have to stay tuned to find out where the local players all end up going.

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