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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Thomas Robinson To Charlotte Bobcats In Sporting News' Latest

Over at the Sporting News, the latest NBA mock draft is up and Sean Deveney has Thomas Robinson in a very familiar position to those looking through the several mock drafts available on the web. The Charlotte Bobcats hold the No. 2 overall selection and Robinson is Deveney's choice to join a very young, raw frontcourt.

Sean Deveney writes, "Robinson would be a No. 1 pick in a lot of drafts. The Bobcats could slide down to No. 3 or No. 4, but will likely only do so if they feel Robinson will still be on the board."

That's a great nod to not only Robinson's potential but the ability of projected first overall selection Anthony Davis of Kentucky. Both Robinson and Davis competed in the NCAA Tournament Final game as well as served as the primary competition for each other for every Player of the Year award. It would be fitting if both ended up as the top two selections in the 2012 NBA Draft.