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NBA Draft Rumors: Bobcats-Hawks Trade Could Include Al Horford, Thomas Robinson

David Thorpe has the latest trade possibility for NBA fans to consider and it’s one that could directly affect the very top of tonight’s NBA Draft. The Charlotte Bobcats have been looking to move the No. 2 pick in the overall order, and even said so publicly through new head coach Mike Dunlap. They might have a partner in the Atlanta Hawks.

Specifically the ESPN NBA analyst believes that Thomas Robinson could be a good substitute for Al Horford down low for Atlanta — giving them a far cheaper player and the ability to use that money elsewhere.

"Enter Horford. He immediately improves the Bobcats on both ends of the floor. He becomes their best player, the face of the franchise and an excellent recruiter on the free-agent front," writes Thorpe. "The Hawks then could grab Robinson and use him the way they use Horford (Robinson is very comparable to Horford). I don’t expect Robinson to ever be as good as Horford — who is probably the most underrated player in the league — but he certainly could end up getting there, or close to that level."

That’s a new possibility for Robinson, who is often mentioned to the Bobcats or Kings at the top of the draft. Robinson averaged nearly 18 points and 12 rebounds per game last year for the Kansas Jayhawks.

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