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NBA Mock Draft: Charlotte Bobcats Likely To Take Thomas Robinson If No Trade Takes Place

The Charlotte Bobcats are ready to roll the dice on a trade offer if they deem it good enough to slip out of the No. 2 position in the 2012 NBA Draft. The word is also that there are plenty of suitors for that spot. However, if the Bobcats stick to their predetermined draft slot, Chad Ford believes Thomas Robinson is the pick in his final mock at ESPN.

Ford writes, “The Bobcats need help everywhere. They don’t have a starting-caliber player on their roster right now. Robinson will be the first. He’s tough, physical and a winner. Remember, he led a very mediocre Kansas team to the national championship game.”

Those are very good points about both Robinson’s talent level and the Bobcats need for players of all kinds. However, the Bobcats will likely move the pick given the amount of smoke coming from the team about a move. If that’s the case, Robinson will likely slip but not below No. 5 where he would team well with the Sacramento Kings.

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