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NBA Mock Draft: Oklahoma City Thunder Take Evan Fournier In Chad Ford's Last Mock

The Oklahoma City Thunder are potentially interested in moving up in the 2012 NBA Draft. That could be to select a high-profile prospect like Bradley Beal or another. But if they are willing to wait, they might have to look across the Atlantic for their best option -- at least that's how Chad Ford of ESPN sees it in his tenth and final mock draft leading up to tonight's official event.

Ford has the Thunder taking Evan Fournier, an international prospect from France. He writes, "Fournier is the type of player the Thunder easily could stash for a year or two in Europe. Or, given the high level he has played at in France, he might be able to come in and get minutes for them right away -- especially if the Thunder decide they can't afford to re-sign James Harden this summer."

Anything is possible at this point and trying to determine what a deep team will do so far down the list at No. 28 overall is a near-impossible challenge.

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