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2012 NBA Draft: Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson Have War Of Words

A slight player rivalry might be forming in the lead-up to the 2012 NBA Draft between two of the top players expected to be taken. Few question whether or not Anthony Davis will be the first choice in the draft by the New Orleans Hornets, but that doesn't stop Davis from stating his own case on his apparel. That also incited a bit of drama and response from Kansas forward Thomas Robinson in response.

Alex Kennedy of Hoops World has the story from the recent NBA Draft Combine, where during a press conference, Robinson responded to Davis' shirt with his own apparel idea.

Kennedy writes, "While Thomas Robinson has yet to receive a call from the Bobcats, he has spoken to the Washington Wizards. Robinson also reiterated that he believes he’s worthy of the top overall pick. Anthony Davis showed up to media availability in a shirt with the words "Check My Stats." Robinson, who was wearing a dress shirt and tie, was stunned when told about Davis’ attire. "If this is about stats, I’m the top pick," Robinson said. "I’ve got to get one of those shirts."

It will be interesting to follow these two players into their NBA careers considering that both were final contenders for player of the year in college basketball this last season and they also played each other in the title game. NBA is a game predicated on player drama in many ways, so the league has to like that two incoming players already have a bit of history they can use as storylines.

Robinson is projected to fall from No. 2 to 5 in the first round in most mocks.